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Pain Doesnt Wait... Why Should You?

At painPRO Clinics we understand that pain doesnt wait so we decided to do something about it. Registered Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy in Surrey just got easier! No more waiting for days to get your appointment.
We can help with:
Accidental Injuries
Chronic Pain
Computer Related Pain
Disease Related Pain
Emotional Unrest
General Pain Issues
Low Back Pain
Neurological Issues
TMJ Syndrome

We are always striving to raise patients expectations for exemplary care, and by providing focused, one-on-one care with our professionals, we hope to make it easier to access effective manual therapy treatments through innovative change.

At painPRO, we are dedicated to helping patients speed their pain recovery, with same-day or next day appointments available at our multiple Lower Mainland locations. Our secure integrated medical software tracks each patient, and allows him or her to see any therapist at any of our clinics knowing their treatment history follows them!


10366 136A St

Surrey BC     V3T 5R3

Telephone: 604-930-8210

posted: Jan 26 2017  in Surrey BC Health food shops & health supplies

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